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There are a wide range of parents of young people from 0-16 in our group.  Please see advice about older children and teenagers here  

Older young people

Congratulations on the arrival of your baby!   Babies with Down's syndrome are in the first instance, babies.  They will look like their parents (and siblings).  The advice we would give is to enjoy those first few weeks, recover from the birth and bond with your beautiful baby.  When you want to find out more information you can do so in several ways. Firstly, download the New Parent Pack from the Down's Syndrome Association here. Also, look at some of our 'helpful links' above.  If you need to speak to someone via email or by phone,  please contact us here


Babies with Down's syndrome

Pregnancy & Pre-natal diagnosis

If you've had a pre-natal diagnosis of Down's Syndrome, you and your family may feel concerned about the future and how parenting a child with Down's will work.

You can find out more information about pre-natal diagnosishere.  

In our group we aim to provide judgement free information to prospective parents/families. We can't make that decision for you but we can help you make an informed choice.


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Toddlers are great fun! they are learning quickly.  You may notice that milestones are slower to be reached at this age. This is ok because your child will go at their own pace.  Children with DS tend to walk later than other children but it can be anything from around 10 months to five years.  

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